Soundwaves goes Back to the Future – 5/25/90

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Twenty-five years ago, Back to the Future Part III was released, introducing the world to Hill Valley, circa 1885. But Dennis Willis and Steven Kirk had already been there! In particular, the boys visited the standing set in Jamestown, CA and spoke with some of the extras from the movie. The episode, #195 (“Back to the Summer”) aired numerous times …


March 30, 1983

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32 years ago today… This pic was taken after the completion of Soundwaves #1, the 2-hour premiere that ran live on Pacifica Community Television from 3:00 to 5:00. Viewers were encouraged to call in to win prizes and request songs, which were spun live. Cameras pointed to two sets and the DJ setup that doubled for the station’s “audio booth.” …


Raising the Roof – 10/17/05

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Christopher Vogan shoots hosts Dennis Willis and Jason DiLorenzo on Soundwaves #454, cheekily titled “Raise the Roof,” with San Francisco co-starring in the background. These SW guys spared no expense on punny episode names!

SWTV 1994

Soundwaves is back … again!

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Like a good zombie, Soundwaves just keeps coming back for more! This 1994 column in the Pacifica Tribune details the show’s return after a long hiatus. Technically, it was following the show’s second “final episode,” and we hadn’t started using the word “reboot” yet. BONUS FUN: The column was written by Suzanne St. John, who would go on to host …

Video: Soundwaves 30th anniversary

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Behind-the-scenes at Soundwaves’ 30th Anniversary, taped 9/14/13. Featuring Dennis Willis, Steven Kirk and Joe McCaffrey, with Cat Abogado, Leilani Hanaike, Martin Anaya and John Stanley. Director: Wayne Hess; Camera: Dennis Castro, Steve Willis, Wayne Hess.